April 2014.

I have always wanted to have a diary. A chronicle of my life’s achievements and adventures. Something I could look back at when I was 50 and marvel at my literary skills and how I managed to juggle a highly successful career, travel the world and maintain my dream gym body. Ha! What a load of bollocks! I have an incredibly short attention span so never managed to keep a diary for longer than 3 days. The most exciting thing I do some weeks is win £2 on a scratch card. I can’t spell for shit, I don’t travel the world or go to the gym and I’m still waiting for my successful career to start! However, life is what you make of it.

Back when I started the blog I was stuck in a shitty job, with no money, single, bored and completely uninspired. I was living back at my Mums and decided that I needed something new to focus on. I had long graduated as an Illustrator and I was always finding images and videos online that I loved and that hopefully, one day might just inspire me to be a more prolific artist. So rather than filling my desktop with these images and videos, I decided this would be a better idea. So in March 2011 Death and Dumb was born. 

I wanted to combine the idea of a diary with some of the things I’ve seen and heard all online in the form of a blog. Originally I kept it a secret and I didn’t have any followers for months. It became a little place where I could share my stories, my darkest secrets, speak openly about some really personal things like my failed relationship with my father, my hatred for my body and how hard it was for me dealing with my sexuality. But also to share my favourite records. Bang on about any films I have seen, artists that have blown my mind and to document things like a guy I met, fell in love with and am now engaged to. 

A lot has happened and even more has changed since then. Over the past 3 years this blog has opened quite a few doors for me. I’ve met some amazing people, done some pretty cool stuff and yes, I should probably mention my penis. I have quite a big dick, and I get it out a lot! This little blog of mine has managed to help quite a few people too. I have had some incredible messages from people thanking me for inspiring them to face their demons. Somehow my ramblings have helped people deal with their own issues and hearing that is one of the best things about all this. I still can’t quite fathom how I’ve almost reached 15,000 followers! Probably because of my cock, but I like to think otherwise. It’s definitely because of my cock. Not sorry.

D&D x